Our George Ruiz and his support team was built on the premise that every member of our staff is an integral element to the winning strategy that George Delivers in and out of the courtroom. From the moment you connect with our firm, you will feel that you are a valued client and we will guide you every step of the way. We pride in always being available and have invested heavily in the latest technology so you can reach out to us however you feel more comfortable. So, whether you are "high touch" requiring more in person attention, or "high tech" requiring more mobile or social media communication, we will engage with you in the manner that is more native to your personality and that will help take some of the stress off of you, as we journey with you through what may be one of your most difficult moments life.

George C. Ruiz

"for the people and by the people" had never rung truer than when you refer to George C Ruiz. George, one of 3 siblings, grew up in a traditional Hispanic home and beyond being perfectly bilingual, he is perfectly bicultural. He navigates with ease with English or Spanish speaking clients.

His passion for his clients dates to the deep roots from his Mexican upbringing where he learned the value of being ethical and driven by principles. He is committed to giving his clients a voice and guiding them in obtaining the best possible outcome in a straightforward and honest way. His adrenaline is fueled by the thought of fighting for his clients and winning for them.

He continues to carve his way in the legal system and has been diligently building his reputation. He has handled many prominent criminal and family matters and his office continues to flourish as an office that consistently delivers results. He is committed and knows that the "lion doesn't turn when the small dog barks". He is in it to win it!

He truly believes that he is the "world's equalizer" turning his clients wrongs into rights. The confidence he exudes, permeates at all stages and levels of the legal battle to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. He is not afraid to go against the current if it means that he will protect his clients best interest and is no stranger to playing outside of the sandbox.

George chose to become an attorney out of the conviction to make a difference in his clients lives, a truly unique quality that sets him apart from all others. He has the uncanny ability to anticipate the next move in a manner that allows him stay one step ahead of the opposing side. George is without a doubt, the attorney and partner you want in your corner.

Academically, George earned his J.D. from the University of Texas A&M, and his Undergraduate, in Criminal Justice, from the University of Texas in San Antonio. He is admitted to the Texas State Bar.


Originally from California is a mother of 3 wonderful children and fluent in Spanish. Michelle is instrumental to your initial stage with our firm. She will be one of the 1st ones to greet you as you step into our office. Her service oriented and warm disposition will immediately put you at ease and you will feel that you have walked into the right place. She will lead you through the document gathering phase and will keep you on top of all the information that will be needed to build your case.

She has a degree in paralegal studies so is well prepared to guide you with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you start off on the right foot. You can count on Michelle for being a soothing and experienced voice that will keep you informed.


A working mom as well, Candy is a paralegal 13 years experience. She has been instrumental for the high-tech environment that is unique to the firm. Born in the millennial era, albeit you could say she is an old soul, she greatly understands the importance of developing the tools for the firm's clients to be in contact with the firm 24/7. Burning the midnight oil on behalf of the clients, while parenting her 2 children, Candy is a fierce advocate for clients and a compassionate voice to help them through the difficult moments.

Candy's unyielding resolve to obtain justice for the firm's clients, stems from her personal life experiences which have given her a great sense of empathy and drive to help those who have been dealt a difficult hand in life. She speaks from her heart because she has been through her fair share of life situations and can feel no greater sense of joy then when clients win their life battles. She is knowledgeable, passionate and relentless. She is hands on every step of the way and you can rest assured that she has your back. Candy is methodical and detail oriented and her professional resume, in perfect tandem with George C. Ruiz, boast many important cases that yielded a favorable outcome for clients in the Family and Criminal law practice areas.