Get Expert Adoption-Related Legal Services in San Antonio, TX

There is little doubt that adopting a child is a rewarding and joyous experience.

In Texas, the Department of Family and Protective Services oversees all aspects of the adoption process, and to ensure the well being of children who are adopted; typically adoptions are lengthy and comprehensive as part of the due diligence effort required by law.

Steps in The Adoption Process

There are several steps prospective parents must go through when adopting a child.  It is not only important to understand what these steps are, but also to know what is required and to prepare to meet the requirements and challenges of each step:

Choosing what type of adoption is right for you.  This can either be a private adoption, the adoption of a child through Child Protective Services, or international adoption.  You will need to choose an adoption agency based on which kind of adoption you want to pursue.

Orientation.  After you choose an agency, you will need to go through an orientation process so that you can learn more about specific programs and services.

Home Study.  After you apply, you will have to submit to a background check and home study.  Home study gives an adoption agency the chance to get to know you in your home setting, ensuring that the child will be safe and happy.

Matching.  After home study is approved, the process of matching you with a child will take place.  You can be matched for either an open or closed adoption which determines if the birthparents will maintain contact with the adopted child based on mutually agreed upon guidelines.

Placement and supervision.  Before an adoption is finalized, the adoption agency will stay in contact with the new parents to make sure the placement is successful.

Finalization.  Upon a successful supervision period, the adoption is finalized through several legal actions, including terminating the birth parents’ rights.

An Experienced Adoption Attorney Is Essential

To assist you at every step of the way, retaining the services of an experienced adoption attorney is essential to ensure you comply with strict adoption requirements.  An attorney such as George C. Ruiz can be a critical asset in helping parents work through these steps to ensure a successful outcome, removing obstacles in the adoption, and acting as a knowledgeable resource, reducing uncertainty and concerns along the way.

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