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Child Custody

Enforcing a visitation order

If you recently completed the divorce process or you are in the early stages of ending your marriage, you likely need to focus on various legal matters. If you have kids, custody is a crucial issue and you need to make sure you understand your rights as well as your...

How can you coparent civilly?

While divorce is the final step in ending your marriage, it does not end your parental duties with your ex-spouse. When you have children together, you will be in each other’s lives in one way or another forever. If there is a lot of conflict between you and your ex,...

Loving and Caring Order

Petitioner and Respondent are ORDERED to encourage and nurture the relationship between the children and the other party, taking good faith measures to ensure visitation and refraining from doing anything to undermine the relationship between the other party and the...

Children’s Bill of Rights

Children love their parents and want to be with them. Even in times of great stress, parents have a responsibility to conduct their legal affairs in a manner that will protect their children from adult conflicts.At a minimum, children are entitled to the following...