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Attorney For Your Landlord/Tenant Law Needs

The landlord-tenant relationship is a delicate one. Each party is responsible for upholding their half of the contract they have agreed to. If either side disturbs that balance, it can be hard to bring your relationship back without making a bigger mess. Here at the Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, we have the litigation skills needed to restore things in a calm, quick and efficient manner.

What A Lawyer Can Do For You

When facing a landlord/tenant issue, it pays to have an attorney who understands the situation, so they have what it takes to properly fight for your benefit. For example, knowing what rights a tenant has, like a right to privacy, health and safety, is just as important as knowing what rights a landlord has when a tenant refuses to pay rent, damages the property or is harassing other tenants.

We have the experience needed to defend your interests in your case. No matter what side of things you find yourself on, our experience helps us know what options are available to you. As an experienced trial lawyer, George C. Ruiz is prepared to do what is necessary to help you advance your interests. George and the rest of our team will be committed to your needs at all times.

Protect Your Rights In A Landlord/Tenant Relationship

We know what is at stake in these matters. You need an experienced attorney to protect your rights. If you need a Texas lawyer by your side, contact us at our San Antonio office by calling us at 210-899-4853. Call today and set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs.