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Offering Experienced, Cohesive Mediation Services

Mediation offers a solution to family legal conflicts that can resolve matters faster, cheaper and more amicably. If you are considering mediation for a divorce, custody dispute or another problem, you should rely on the advocacy of an attorney who has handled mediation for many clients.

At Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, we provide comprehensive mediation services throughout Texas. Our attorney, George C. Ruiz, has years of experience practicing several areas of law, including civil and family law. This allows us to provide a fresh perspective and realistic insight that often makes the difference between resolution and continued litigation and conflict.

In-Person Or Online For Your Convenience

Whether you meet with us in person or online, we can offer you a more convenient and cost-efficient alternative to going to the courthouse. In addition to our in-person mediation sessions, we offer seamless online mediation services. By integrating Zoom video conferencing and DocuSign document execution, we are more than ready to meet the needs of our clients. Not sure how it will work? Get in touch with us to learn more.

Cost-Efficiency Is Our Priority

The cost of mediation should not be a roadblock to resolving disputes. Attorney Ruiz and our support staff is dedicated to providing cost-effective mediation and dispute resolution. We offer flat rates for our services:

  • $750 for a full day
  • $400 for a half-day

We understand the financial stress that often accompanies divorce and we draw from our skill in mediation to help you avoid expensive litigation.

Discuss Mediation With Our Attorney

Mediation could be just the tool you need to solve a family law conflict calmly. Mr. Ruiz can guide you every step of the way. To reach our office in San Antonio to schedule your initial consultation, please call 210-899-4853 or send us an email.