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Domestic violence is a subject that tends to make people uncomfortable, whether they are in the midst of it themselves, know of someone going through it, or see stories on the evening news when domestic violence turns ugly.

Modern society places so many pressures on people at work and at home, and even the best people can go through bouts when those pressures bubble over and explode, causing them to take things out on the people they love. 

Many people believe that domestic violence takes place only when there is a physical confrontation between two people living under the same roof. However,

domestic violence can also be defined in much broader terms than just a physical altercation.  It extends to threats and intimidation, assault with a weapon, stalking, kidnapping, harassment, and more. Domestic violence doesn’t just include a crime committed against a wife or a husband.  There only needs to be a qualifying victim, and that can include children, parents, relatives, siblings, or other extended family members.

Don’t Wait…a Family Violence Lawyer Can Provide You With Immediate Protection

When you either feel threatened, or you become a victim of domestic violence, do not wait for the situation to escalate.  Doing so could cost you dearly.  Instead, you should seek immediate protection by contacting law enforcement officials and an attorney who can help you get immediate relief through the Texas court system. 

The Texas legal system has several safeguards in place regarding acts of domestic violence.  Chief among these is the issuance of an emergency protective order.  This requires the charged family member to stay away from the requestor of the order, as well as other family members who may also be in some form of peril.  Restraining orders are also another legal tool that is sometimes used as well.

Defending Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges

In other cases, you may be unjustly accused of domestic violence.  When this happens, you must seek legal help immediately because a conviction can impact your life in many ways for years to come. 

Retaining a highly experienced domestic violence lawyer such as George C. Ruiz is especially important because state law does not allow a victim to drop charges.  In Texas, cases are always prosecuted unless the district attorney decides to drop charges.  Before this can happen, it must be approved by a judge. 

Depending on the facts of the case, Mr. Ruiz will explore several possible defenses, including self-defense, deliberately making false allegations to smear the accused, the act was too trivial to be considered a crime, or a lack of proof.

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