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Fraud is one of the most common of all white collar crimes.  Depending on the circumstances of a fraud accusation, it can either be charged as a state level crime or as a federal crime.  Because most types of fraud involve banks or other financial institutions that are protected by federal law, most of the time fraud will be a federal level criminal charge.  Some of the types of fraud include: 

Securities crimes – this can encompass pump and dump schemes, churning stocks and bonds, or misleading investors about the prospects of a company. 

Real Estate Fraud – can take place when a false appraisal of a property is created, loan documents are falsified, or defects about a property are not disclosed.

Tax crimes – tax evasion or failure to file a return can bring serious consequences.

Health care fraud – can occur when someone submits a false claim seeking payment or charges the government for services not provided or for fake patients that do not exist.

Bankruptcy fraud – takes place when you knowingly make a false statement as part of a bankruptcy filing or you conceal assets from a trustee.

Credit Card Fraud Is a Growing Concern

In addition to these other types of fraud, as the world has moved to more online and electronic ways to handle financial transactions, credit card fraud has become a much more prevalent crime.  In response, law enforcement officials are now dedicating more resources than ever to prosecuting credit card fraud cases. 

Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft and many times can be charged as a felony.  However, with an experienced attorney such as George C. Ruiz handling your case, it is often possible to negotiate a reduction of the felony to a misdemeanor and avoid jail time. 

When You Need To Mount an Effective Bank Fraud Charges Defense

Penalties for all forms of fraud can be extremely harsh, often including heavy fines and serious jail time.  The severity of the penalties can vary to some degree depending on the amount of loss and the number of victims involved.  Because many fraud charges are considered federal crimes, the federal government has considerable resources to put toward prosecuting a defendant. 

Unless you mount an effective bank fraud charges defense, your life could be altered negatively for many years to come.  You can’t afford to skimp on a defense attorney under these circumstances.  And you must make sure you contact a seasoned fraud defense attorney as soon as possible because cases such as these can be complex and lengthy by their very nature.

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