Professional License Accusation Defense

If you are a part of the medical community and you have been accused of negligence related to your practice, you could be facing serious repercussions that could have a major impact on your life and your livelihood.  Depending on the nature of the accusation, you could be facing a warning, formal reprimand, or more serious disciplinary actions such as having your medical license suspended or revoked as the result of a Texas Medical Board investigation.  In some instances, you could also face criminal prosecution as well. 

You Will Need a Professional License Defense Lawyer To Represent You

A medical professional must cooperate with TMB officials when a formal accusation is made.  Ignoring the accusation only makes matters worse.  But responding the wrong way is an even more egregious error.  You need an experienced professional license attorney such as George C. Ruiz to protect your interests and give you the best possible legal footing going forward.  From an initial inquiry, to a preliminary investigation, an actual complaint investigation process, and a suggested action, you must be sure that you are proceeding with caution and care every step of the way.

Knowledge Is The Key

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services provides several resources for medical professionals so that they can gain a basic understanding of ethical and legal requirements they are required to uphold, but this is just a starting point.  Interpreting those requirements and developing an appropriate strategy is essential to minimize any negative impacts stemming from an accusation. 

With several cases and many years of experience in dealing with professional license situations, Mr. Ruiz can take an aggressive approach and often negotiate a settlement with reduced or no impactful penalties that will allow doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners to continue working without disruptions to their careers.  

In those cases where a settlement is not possible, and you must proceed to a hearing, having an experienced attorney representing you and mounting the best defense possible is critical.  Many times, professional license issues can take a long time to resolve, and in cases where large amounts of records might need to be gathered, and several witnesses and experts interviewed, you will need confidence that your case is being handled and that your rights are fully protected.

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