Robbery Charges Defense

Robbery is one of the most common crimes committed in Texas, but sometimes a robbery charge can be confused with other types of crimes.  There are several elements that define the crime of robbery, including:

·         Taking money, property or valuables

·         Through violence, intimidation, threats or force

·         Taking from another person

·         Taking those items against their will

Robbery charges can also be enhanced with the use of a weapon (armed robbery).  Sometimes, the severity of the armed robbery will also be influenced by the type of weapon that is used.

George C. Ruiz is an experienced robbery defense attorney and has been able to employ several defense strategies for the many cases that he has handled.  Although robbery is a serious charge, there are options that Mr. Ruiz can pursue on a defendant’s behalf to ensure the best possible outcome depending on the individual circumstances of a case.

Possible Defenses That a Robbery Lawyer Can Employ

The defense strategy a robbery lawyer will use most of the time is the claim of innocence.  All Mr. Ruiz must do is prove is that there is reasonable doubt that the defendant didn’t commit the crime.  This can take place by having witnesses testify as to the defendant’s whereabouts when the robbery was committed, or by submitting proof that the defendant was nowhere near the physical location of the robbery when it took place, or other similar tactics.

From time to time, a lesser used defense is entrapment. In more common terms, this is when a person attempts to frame the defendant for a crime they did not commit.

Defending Against Breaking and Entering Charges

Most of the time, breaking and entering won’t include robbery charges, unless a defendant breaks into a home or a business and encounters an employee or an inhabitant.  In cases such as these, multiple charges may be filed, increasing the importance to create an effective defense.  If you are facing charges such as these, it is critical to contact Mr. Ruiz as soon as possible to build a solid defense strategy that will give you the best chances at preserving your freedom.

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