Sex Crimes Defense in San Antonio

Just the stigma of being accused of a sex crime in Texas can be enough to destroy you, your family, and your standing in the community.  Whether or not guilt is established, you could be facing a long uphill battle to regain your life, a fight that could take many years.  Few other types of crimes provoke such an emotional response. 

San Antonio’s Preferred Sex Crimes Attorney

While an accusation presents a significant challenge, if you are convicted of a sexual offense, you can face up to a lifetime in prison or be labeled as a lifetime sex offender that will require you to be supervised closely.  You may have to register as a sex offender, and you could face a life with no contact with a spouse or children, as well as employment and housing restrictions and challenges.

For these reasons, you must retain the services of the best possible sex crimes attorney in San Antonio.  For those who have been charged with this type of crime, the clear choice is George C. Ruiz.  Mr. Ruiz has worked hard to become a much sought-after attorney in San Antonio.  His work ethic and attention to detail are crucial if you want to give yourself the best possible chance at keeping your freedom without restrictions.

Defending Against Rape Charges

Although there are many types of sex crimes, rape is considered particularly egregious, eliciting a strong response from the public, law enforcement, and court officials.  If you have been charged with rape, you are facing serious consequences.  However, with Mr. Ruiz’s representation, you can mount a strong and credible defense.

The common defense is that the sexual activity was consensual.  It requires a highly skilled attorney such as Mr. Ruiz to help define what is consensual and what is not in a particular case.  Another possible defense is that the accused is mentally ill and did not have the capacity to control his behavior which means they could not form criminal intent, a necessary element for rape to take place.

Child Pornography Charges Defense

Another highly emotional sex crime charge is that of child pornography.  It is considered particularly heinous because of the implications that minors are being exploited.  The primary defense used in most child pornography cases rests on the concept of intent.  It is up to the prosecutor in a case to show that the defendant had the intent to possess child pornography.  This means they must also show that the defendant also knew what the image was and that it was illegal to possess it.  Mr. Ruiz can counter with the claim of ignorance, attempting to show that the defendant believed the image did not depict an underage person or persons. 

Intent can also be claimed if an image resides on a person’s computer but that they did not intend to possess the image in the first place.  For example, if a person downloads a large batch of images, they may not know that one or more of those images in the large batch contained child pornography.  A prosecutor must be able to show a direct cause that the defendant purposely sought out and downloaded specific child pornography images. 

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