Weapons Crimes

If you are charged with a weapons crime in San Antonio.

Gun and gun ownership has been the subject of many lengthy debates over the years.  Few issues are more highly charged than fundamental discussions about constitutional gun rights as well as those involving the use of guns for personal safety reasons.  It’s no secret that Texans love their guns and are strong advocates when it comes to gun rights, but this also means that there is an equal responsibility to handle and use guns within existing laws.  Unfortunately, many Texans cross the line or don’t fully understand gun laws in Texas, and that can lead to run-ins with law enforcement officials.

Understanding The Different Types Of Weapons Crimes You Can Be Facing

While many gun charges are minor by comparison, in many cases, guns are used in the commission of violent crimes.  And that means certain enhancements can carry mandatory prison time or further aggravate other charges a person may be already facing.  While using a gun during the commission of a robbery, attempted murder, or aggravated assault is well known, there are also lesser crimes that gun owners must abide by as well.

Menacing – when you threaten or take physical action that places another person in fear of imminent bodily injury.

Possession of a dangerous or illegal weapon – a “dangerous” or illegal weapon may include a firearm silencer, a machine gun, a short shotgun, blackjack, gas gun, or even a ballistic knife.

Defacing a firearm – it is illegal to deface, remove, alter, or cover a manufacturer’s serial number.

Illegal discharge of a firearm – if you recklessly discharge or aim a firearm into any structure or motor vehicle occupied by a person.

Possession of a firearm by a previous offender or the unlawful purchase of firearms.

Defending Against A Concealed Weapons Charge

One of the more common gun charges is unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon.  It is against the law to carry a firearm or a knife concealed on your person if you are not on your premises or a premises you control.  However, there are several possible defenses that can be employed, but it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced attorney to evaluate your charges and determine the best way to proceed with your case.  Some of the concealed weapons defenses may include:

·         That you did not intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carry a weapon

·         That you were engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, or other sporting activity

·         That you were on your own private property

·         That you were traveling

·         That the weapon was not in plain view

·         That there was nothing unlawful about the alleged weapon

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