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Divorce and Custody Cases: How Much Do they Cost?

The cost of a divorce or custody agreement can depend on the ability of the parties to reach an agreement. Divorce lawyers, attorneys and staff members may bill hourly for the time they spend on your case. Most you find will bill by the hour. One way to minimize the cost of your divorce, child custody case, or other family law matter is to reach an agreement with your spouse or opposing party prior to meeting with an attorney. We offer hourly and flat rate fees. Most courts require mandatory e-filing of all legal documents with fees will apply.

How Much Does An Agreed Divorce with or without Children and Property Cost?

The cost of an uncontested divorce or custody agreement handled by my firm is typically $1,700 which includes the filing fee.  We require a retainer be paid on each case.  If payment of the full retainer is a problem, then we do offer payment plans for attorney fees.

How Much Does it Cost for Representation in Contested Divorce and Child Custody Cases?

The cost for a contested divorce is typically $3,500 to $4,500 or more depending on the facts of each case. We require a retainer be paid on each case. If payment of the full retainer is a problem, then we do offer payment plans for attorney fees.

A case is contested if one party will not agree to the terms of child support, visitation, drop off and pick up location, geographical restrictions as to residency of the children, medical insurance for the children and property division in divorce cases.

It is difficult to determine the final cost of any case as we cannot predict what the other party is going to do or not do. Or goal is to finalize your case for the lowest cost and the shortest amount of time as possible. We offer a free consultation and we have affordable payment plans if you need one.

What Are “Limited Legal Services”?

We offer “limited legal services” to people who are representing themselves. This service is also called “unbundled legal services” or “pro se assistance.” It means that my office will give you legal advice and/or review or prepare documents, but will I will not be representing you. A written agreement describing exactly what I will do for you will be provided. You are required to pay for this limited service up front.  Click here to make and appointment.

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