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Candy Ryan

Candy Ryan


Candy Ryan, a working mom as well, is a paralegal who has been in the legal profession since 2006. She has been instrumental in navigating the high-tech environment unique to Ruiz & Associates, PLLC. Born in the millennial era, Candy is often described as an old soul. She deeply understands the importance of developing tools for the firm’s clients to be in contact 24/7. Burning the midnight oil on behalf of clients while parenting her two children, Candy is a fierce advocate and a compassionate voice for those navigating difficult moments.

Candy’s unyielding resolve to obtain justice for the firm’s clients stems from her personal life experiences, which have instilled in her a great sense of empathy and drive to help those facing adversity. She speaks from the heart, drawing from her own life situations, and finds no greater joy than witnessing clients win their life battles. Candy is known for her knowledge, passion, and relentlessness. She is hands-on every step of the way, ensuring that clients know she has their back.


Methodical and detail-oriented, Candy, along with George C. Ruiz, boasts an impressive professional resume with many important cases yielding favorable outcomes for clients in Family and Criminal law practice areas.