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Heather Ramirez

Heather Ramirez


Heather Ramirez, a certified paralegal, embarked on her journey in the legal field in 2006 receiving certification in paralegal studies . As a mother of five (comprising of three boys and two girls, including a cherished bonus child), Heather embodies compassion and empathy in all aspects of her life. Having previously worked within the Bexar County courthouse, she possesses intimate knowledge of the legal processes, particularly in family and criminal law. Heather’s passion for her work is palpable, as she tirelessly strives to achieve fair outcomes for her clients. She treasures every moment spent with her children and embraces the joys and challenges of motherhood with unwavering devotion. Heather Ramirez is a shining example of integrity, empathy, and commitment in both her personal and professional life. 

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