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Being prepared for financial aspect of divorce is crucial

Dissolving a marriage certainly is not an easy process emotionally. However, it can be just as tough financially whether two spouses in San Antonio have been married for a few years or a few decades. Fortunately, by being proactive, those who are embarking on the road to divorce can put themselves in the best position financially once the divorce has been finalized.

One wise move that people can make before getting divorced is to become acquainted with all of their financial assets. They can do this by reviewing their prior years' tax returns and bank statements, for example. This is particularly important for women, as some women know little about their financial situations since they rely on their husbands to handle their monetary affairs.

Divorce attorney plus coach may offer help during breakup process

Figuring out the ins and outs of the marital breakup process is never easy. This is true whether two people have been married for just a few years or for several decades. For this reason, in addition to hiring an attorney in San Antonio to help with the divorce process, a divorcing spouse may want to take advantage of the services of a divorce coach as well.

An attorney and a divorce coach are two different people. The attorney provides legal advice and advises a divorcing spouse about his or her rights. Conversely, the divorce coach provides the support needed to make the marital breakup process as smooth as possible.

When are the best times to take your divorce to court?

Divorce is never a pleasant process to go through. Some couples want to resolve this as quickly and peacefully as possible. For many, that means taking your proceedings to mediation. This conflict-resolution process allows both spouses to determine their asset division in an informal setting with a neutral mediator to make the separation as fair as possible while still maintaining a respectable relationship.

While it is understandable why many would not want to take their divorce proceedings to the courtroom, sometimes it is necessary. If you make the mistake of going to mediation first when you have circumstances that prevent you from solving your issues peacefully there, then you just wasted valuable time and money. You need to be aware of the most common reasons many couples prefer to settle their divorce in court as you and your spouse figure out how you want to settle your separation.

Prenuptial agreements may provide protection in divorce

Many individuals in San Antonio believe that prenuptial agreements are necessary only for celebrities or those who are ultra wealthy. However, the reality is that prenuptial agreements are valuable even for those who may not have large sums of money. This is because they may still have some assets they would like to protect in the event of a future divorce.

Research shows that the number of people seeking prenuptial agreements has increased over the past few years. Part of the reason for this may be that more people are realizing how helpful these documents can be for ensuring that certain assets they bring into the marriage leave with them if divorce is inevitable. This is true even if they do not necessarily have immense trusts or holdings in real estate.

What happens to the marital home is a major question in divorce

During divorce proceedings in San Antonio, a common question that the parties ask themselves is where they will live. One option is to stay in the marital home. The other is to sell the house and then purchase another home or live in an apartment following the divorce.

If one spouse wants to stay in the home, he or she can simply buy out the other party to assume full ownership of the house. The benefit of staying in the marital home is that this aspect of a person's life can remain steady during and after the divorce proceeding. This is especially valuable for those who have young children in school, as they can remain near their support network and friends. However, being able to afford the home without the ex-spouse's income may be challenging in the years ahead.

The basics of home studies

When a Texas family is seeking to adopt a child, it can be important for them to know what to expect in the adoption process. This process involves many different steps. One of these steps is the home study.

This step is also sometimes referred to as a pre-adoptive home screening. In a home study, a caseworker goes to a prospective adoptive family’s home to see the home and talk with the members of the household.

How to break news of your divorce to your kids

If you and your ex-spouse have decided to divorce, you’re probably feeling hesitant about breaking the new to your child.

A number of factors can make this conversation easier or more difficult, such as the age of your child, your finances and whether the divorce is amicable. With these considerations in mind, here are a few pointers that may help you tell your child you’re getting divorced.

San Antonio Sex Crimes Attorney

The state legislature has expressed concerns over sex crimes, and in a recent year the total number of sexual assault incidents in Texas exceeded 18,000. The laws in Texas are tough on sex crimes. When there are allegations of this type, it can be devastating to the person named as the defendant. Cases of this nature can become a public matter. Possible penalties can be rather onerous and can include jail time, fines, to being listed on a sex offender registry, etc. Should you find yourself faced with a charge of a sex crime, you should not wait to contact an experienced San Antonio sex crimes attorney right away. Our sex abuse lawyers are compassionate to the situation you have found yourself in. Also, our attorneys have the necessary experience defending against allegations of sexual abuse. You do have your constitutional rights. Our firm is prepared to defend those rights.

San Antonio Robbery Lawyer

The reported robbery crime rate in San Antonio is significantly higher than the robbery crime rate for the entire state of Texas, and is still even higher than the U.S. robbery crime rate. Anyone charged with a crime instantly has a lot at stake. When anyone receives a criminal conviction of any sort, there will be a life-long impact upon the defendant. If you or your loved one has been charged with a robbery crime, swiftly contact an experienced San Antonio robbery lawyer as soon as possible. Our seasoned robbery lawyers can assist you or your loved one with all legal issues. Call our experienced and compassionate attorneys today.

What Can Happen When Someone Violates A Protective Order?

It is common knowledge that most, but not all, domestic violence occurs where the female is the victim. Studies conducted in Texas have shown that 23% of women in the state claimed to have experienced physical abuse, and 13% of the women had claimed to have experienced both physical abuse and sexual abuse. During couple break-ups especially, family disputes can become heated and emotionally charged. If you and/or your children have become a victim of physical violence, or you and/or your children are under a threat of physical violence, you should take immediate steps to protect yourselves. The very first step you should take is to contact law enforcement. Thereafter, you should contact an experienced San Antonio protective orders lawyer. The experienced attorneys at our firm are ready to battle to protect your interests and your health. Do not hesitate and wait too long during such a crises.

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