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3 FAQs about foreign adoption

Embarking on the journey of adoption is an exciting and life-changing decision for many Texas couples. For those considering foreign adoption, there may be questions and uncertainties about the process. 1. How does the foreign adoption process work? The foreign...

Some background information on adoptions

For both the mother giving up a child for adoption and for the family seeking to adopt a child, the experience often involves a range of emotions. Both parties look forward to the best possible life for the child. Learning more about adoption can help individuals...

What do you know about adoption costs?

Perhaps you want to start or expand your family, but you want to adopt. You know your options for adopting in Texas, but do you know how much each adoption option costs?  U.S. News & World Report explores the matter. Know which figures to add to your adoption...

The steps of the adoption process in Texas

Adoption is a wonderful way for adults in the San Antonio area to give a child in need a loving and supportive home. Those who are interested in adoption will want to familiarize themselves with the steps in the adoption process. The orientation meeting. The adoption...