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Choices to make regarding the adoption process

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Adoption |

When you adopt a child in Texas, there are certain requirements that you have to meet. The state imposes these to make sure adopted children end up in loving, stable homes.

Nevertheless, the process of adopting a child can progress in many different ways. The choices that you make do not affect the requirements you have to meet, but they do affect other matters, such as where the child comes from and whom you will work with.

Public versus private adoption

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a private adoption is one in which you work with a private agency, usually a non-profit, that matches you with a child for adoption. A public adoption is one in which you work with a state-operated agency that places a child with you for adoption. In Texas, you work the Department of Family and Protective Services, or an agency it has contracted with, in a public adoption.

Domestic versus international adoption

A domestic adoption is one in which the child you adopt comes from the United States. If you wish to adopt a child from another country, it is an international adoption. Only private agencies handle international adoptions. The adoption must comply with the laws of both the United States and the country where the child comes from originally.

Open versus closed adoption

In a closed adoption, your family never has any contact with the birth parents, and their identities remain unknown to you. An open adoption is one that involves the birth parents in the process of selecting adoptive parents and allows them to maintain contact with you and your child after the adoption has taken place.

Regardless of what options you choose, you will still have to undergo a background check, a family home study and 35 hours of educational classes before you can adopt a child.