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The Experienced And Aggressive Criminal Defense You Need

The state of Texas does not take criminal offenses lightly. When you have been charged with a crime, it is vital to retain an attorney who knows how to defend your rights. At Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, criminal defense attorney George C. Ruiz has years of experience representing clients who face criminal charges.

Why work with us instead of other attorneys? Because at Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, we truly believe in our clients. We will listen to your side of the story and fight to reach the best possible outcome for your case.

Among other offenses, we defend clients who have been charged with:

  • Drug crimes, including possession and trafficking
  • DWI and DUI
  • Motor vehicle offenses
  • Assault and battery
  • Sexual offenses
  • Domestic violence
  • Violation of protective order

We Will Not Back Down

Some attorneys are content to accept the first plea deal that the prosecution offers rather than truly going to bat for you. But we simply do not give up that easily. Defense attorney George Ruiz and his support team frequently obtain favorable outcomes out of court by working with law enforcement and the state. However, if we feel that private negotiations are not working to your favor, we are not afraid to go to trial and argue your case before a judge or jury.

Taking Your Family into Consideration

Criminal charges can have major ramifications on your family. If you have children, you are no doubt concerned with how you can provide for them if convicted. A conviction can also impact your custody and visitation rights.

Our attorney will give you a realistic, honest assessment of how your criminal charges may affect your family and children. When considering your legal options, we will help you understand the ramifications that each choice may have on your future. And we will help you and your family cope with this difficult emotional time.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A Defense Lawyer

If you face criminal charges, our San Antonio office provides free consultations in which you can discuss your case with a lawyer. Call 210-899-4853 or contact us online. We are also available on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Se Habla Español.