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Protect Your Rights In Your Child Custody Case

The most important thing on your mind when you are going through a custody dispute is no doubt your child’s well-being. At Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, in San Antonio, we care deeply about protecting the best interests of your children and defending your legal rights.

We can assist you with matters such as:

  • Obtaining custody or visitation rights
  • Creating a custody and visitation schedule
  • Custody issues for LGBTQ couples
  • Modifying a custody order
  • Parenting coordinators/facilitators
  • Co-Parenting tools (KidShare, App Close, Our Family Wizard)
  • Terminating custody rights

Every family is unique. Some children need both parents in their lives to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. In other cases, it is in the child’s best interests for only one parent to have custody rights. Whatever your family’s circumstances, we can help defend your rights and reach the custody and visitation arrangement that is best for you and your child.

Standing Up for Fathers’ Rights

There is a stubborn and widespread misconception that mothers make inherently better legal guardians than fathers. Every day, we fight this misconception by providing strong representation for fathers who wish to remain an active part of their children’s lives.

As a father, you want custody and visitation rights with your child, but often feel as if the family court system is skewed against your favor. At Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, we strongly believe in fathers’ rights. We have successfully obtained custody and visitation rights for fathers throughout Texas and can help defend your parental rights in court.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A Lawyer

Working with a knowledgeable attorney is necessary to uphold your rights and advocate for your side in your child custody case. Contact our San Antonio office to schedule a free consultation. Call or text us at 210-899-4853 or contact us by email. Se Habla Español.