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Tough Allies To Get You A Fair Property Division Arrangement

You are probably worried about what will happen to your marital assets if you are going through a divorce. At Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, we understand your concerns. Our divorce attorneys go to bat for clients in the San Antonio area every day to ensure they get a fair outcome from their divorce proceedings.

In us, you have allies who do not simply settle if a problem becomes challenging. We believe in fighting for a fair asset division arrangement for you, advocating tirelessly for your best interests.

How Does Texas Divide Assets?

If spouses do not agree on how to divide their marital estate, a judge will issue a divorce order that addresses asset division. Texas is a community property state. This means that the court must divide all marital assets 50-50.

As a result, spouses who are the primary earners in a relationship stand to lose a great deal in their divorce. Dependent spouses are also vulnerable, as they need to ensure that they receive a fair half and that their ex has not hidden, undervalued or squandered assets.

Classifying Assets Can Be More Difficult Than It Sounds

The 50-50 division rule in Texas applies to assets deemed community property. Generally speaking, community property is any asset obtained by either spouse during the marriage, such as the marital residence and furniture purchased for the house. Assets acquired prior to marriage – a car, a family heirloom, a valuable personal collection – are generally considered separate and not subject to division. However, there are notable exceptions to both of these general rules. An asset can be community property even if only one spouse’s name is on the title, for instance.

To complicate matters further, some property can be considered a mix between separate and community. If you believe that a specific asset has been misclassified, it is up to you and your attorney to provide compelling evidence to prove it. This is often hard to do, but our attorneys will work diligently to help you correct the record and ensure a fair division of assets.

The Importance Of Strong Counsel On Your Side

Because so much is at stake, it is not wise to go at it alone when it comes to negotiations, mediation or a trial. Our experienced family law attorneys have honed their skills over years of practice in tough cases. Even though we do not hesitate to act aggressively in the courtroom, you can always expect us to treat you respectfully in private. To us, you are not just a case file. You are a human whose future depends on the outcome of your divorce, which is why we are ready to fight for you.

Ask About Property Division In A Free Consultation

When you need forceful advocacy in your divorce, you can rely on our counsel at Ruiz & Associates, PLLC. Contact us at our law office to schedule a free initial consultation. To begin, please call 210-899-4853 or send us an email.