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A Lawyer Who Can Represent Your Side And Protect Your Rights

At the San Antonio Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, we know how to uphold your rights in the Texas legal system. Without a skilled lawyer to represent you in the divorce proceedings, you stand to receive a divorce settlement that is not in your best financial interests. When you work with us, we will stand alongside you and work toward the best results available from your divorce.

There are many important things in your divorce that we can assist with, such as:

Tough Trial Lawyer Who Does Not Simply Settle

Every divorce is unique. Sometimes, we can reach the outcome that our clients want by negotiating privately with the other party. However, some divorces simply do not work this way. If private negotiation does not work for you, then we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

Our firm is not content to simply accept a settlement in hopes of avoiding a court battle. Our experienced divorce trial lawyer will prepare persuasive evidence, argue tenaciously before a judge and strive to obtain the divorce decree that you need.

Honesty, Care and Communication — Every Step Of The Way

Our attorney and staff believe strongly in honest and straightforward communication. We will speak frankly with you, even if we need to tell you something that you may not want to hear. This honesty is crucial for you to make informed decisions about your case and have an accurate idea of what to expect from the divorce proceedings.

However, we also understand that divorce is a difficult emotional time. We will always treat you with compassion. You can openly discuss any aspects of your case, and we will listen nonjudgmentally.

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You can learn more about your options in your divorce by scheduling a free consultation with the Ruiz & Associates, PLLC, in San Antonio. Call 210-899-4853 or contact us online. Se Habla Español.