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Some background information on adoptions

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Adoption |

For both the mother giving up a child for adoption and for the family seeking to adopt a child, the experience often involves a range of emotions. Both parties look forward to the best possible life for the child.

Learning more about adoption can help individuals understand the options when it comes to the adoption process.

The option for intercountry adoption

In its Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption, the U.S. Department of State reaffirmed its commitment to promoting intercountry adoption so long as the process served the best interest of the child.  The year 2019 saw U.S. families adopt 2,971 children from other countries. This represents a continuing decline in international adoptions that began in 2005.

This number decreased from 2018, largely due to decreases from two countries: China and Ethiopia. Several countries increased adoption to the U.S., including Ukraine, Colombia, Liberia and Hungary.

Texas families adopted a total of 258 children from other countries in 2019, the greatest number of any state. California with 208 and Florida with 146 saw the next highest numbers of intercountry adoptions.

The option for foster care adoption

Statista defines foster care as a system in which a minor lives in an institution, group home or private home under the care of a foster parent. This is often a source for a large number of adoptions each year in the U.S. In 2019, 64,415 children experienced adoption from a foster care setting.

Families who adopt from foster care often involve subsidies to help support the child, especially in cases where the child has a disability. Other forms of assistance for families include grants or adoption loans.