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What do you know about bonding with your adopted child?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Adoption |

After a lot of contemplating, you feel ready to welcome an adopted child into your family. In your quest to give your adopted child all the love she or he deserves, you want to better understand how to connect with non-biological children.

The Colorado Adoption Agency offers tips for connecting with an adopted child. Learn how to forge a strong bond with the newest member of your family.

Establish a routine

Children often thrive on structure and routine because they help develop trust and a sense of control. Introduce your new son or daughter to a bedtime routine, family movie night or game night. Having something to look forward to could help the two of you form a solid foundation.

Reassure permanency

Depending on your adopted child’s history, she or he may fear losing a parent’s love if he or she misbehaves. Even if the new member of your family does not express this concern, reassure your child that your love does not come with terms and conditions and that she or he has a place in your house and heart even after misbehaving. This level of reassurance could help your child learn to trust and depend on you.

Give things time

Depending on your daughter’s or son’s age, she or he may have a hard time bonding with you. Adopted babies may refuse to nap or bawl more than usual and adopted toddlers may still carry memories of a former home. No matter the situation, practice patience for connecting with your child. Pulling away and refusing to speak do not reflect on your parenting skills.

Parenting does not come with a guide, no matter if you have biological or adopted kids. By learning how to bond, you help set yourself and your child up for success.