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Establishing Custody In San Antonio, Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2018 | Child Custody |

Separation and divorce are generally very trying times for couples breaking up. There are many important matters to deal with, but perhaps the most important issue at stake is determining who should have custody of the children. Are you a parent that is going through a custody battle, whether through a divorce or otherwise? If so, you should contact a San Antonio child custody lawyer to assist you with all legal issues. Contact our compassionate child custody attorneys today for your free initial consultation.

Your Financial Situation

During a custody case, the court will look at the financial circumstances for each party, to include how much each earns as well as how much each pays out on a monthly basis. These figures will be used to determine appropriate child support payments. Also, the relative financial pictures will also be considered in determining child custody. Finances are important for the child’s healthcare, education, and other necessities.

Types of Custody Arrangements

There are different categories of child custody in Texas, including sole or joint custody and conservatorship or access and possession. With joint custody, it means that both parents have equal responsibility of their child. Typically, the child’s time would be split between the parents. Sole custody would entail the court appointing one parent as the main care provider for the child. With a sole custody arrangement, one parent will be solely responsible for all decisions affecting the child’s well-being. The child would reside with the parent with sole custody. If one parent is awarded sole custody, the court may award the other parent specific visitation rights and scheduled access.

What the Child Wants

Of course, it matters to all what the child may actually want in terms of custody. In Texas, testimonies from children aged 12 and over are accepted in court, and the testimony can influence the custody determination.

San Antonio, Texas Child Custody Lawyer

In any separation and/or divorce process, the most important issue is the matter of child custody. Child custody matters are often rather difficult and emotional. If you are facing a child custody struggle in Texas, you should contact an experienced San Antonio child custody lawyer today. Our child custody attorneys are ready to help you to zealously battle for your rights and interests as a parent. Today, call our child custody attorneys for a free initial consultation.