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What Are The Penalties For Domestic Violence Crimes?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2018 | Family Violence |

Pursuant to Texas law, family violence and domestic abuse typically refers to violent acts between spouses. Although, at times domestic abuse can refer to elder abuse, child abuse, or even between partners, roommates, family members, or ex-spouses. Domestic violence is a crime, and it carries with it potential fines and significant jail time. If you are facing criminal charges of domestic violence, call one of our San Antonio family violence lawyers today, in order to protect your interests and to start building your defense.

Domestic Violence

The act of violence does not have to cause bodily injury. Threats of imminent injury are enough to constitute domestic violence. Often, prosecutors will prove that certain behaviors demonstrate a desire to physically control or dominate. If the prosecutor can satisfy this proof, then the case will end in a conviction, even if there is no evidence of there being any threats of physical harm.

Penalties for Domestic Violence Crimes

Even though the most common type of domestic violence is between spouses, all domestic violence crimes are tried as if they were a spousal abuse crime. A conviction of domestic violence can mean that the fine is as much as $10,000. A conviction will also bring with it potential jail time up to 20 years. When there is an assault against a family member, that too will be considered domestic violence. An argument that results in a minor injury which caused pain to a family member can be enough for a charge of domestic violence. All that the prosecutors have to prove in their case is that there was pain inflicted on a victim by the defendant. The prosecutor does not have to prove that there were any injuries sustained.

San Antonio Family Violence Lawyer

Arguments between family members are inevitable. However, when disputes give rise to domestic violence charges, that is where real problems occur. The seriousness of the punishments for domestic violence are truly daunting and the impact is potentially lifelong. If you have been charged with domestic violence, our experienced San Antonio family violence lawyers are prepared to help defend you against all criminal charges. Contact our family violence attorneys as soon as possible.