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What Can Happen When Someone Violates A Protective Order?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Protective Orders |

It is common knowledge that most, but not all, domestic violence occurs where the female is the victim. Studies conducted in Texas have shown that 23% of women in the state claimed to have experienced physical abuse, and 13% of the women had claimed to have experienced both physical abuse and sexual abuse. During couple break-ups especially, family disputes can become heated and emotionally charged. If you and/or your children have become a victim of physical violence, or you and/or your children are under a threat of physical violence, you should take immediate steps to protect yourselves. The very first step you should take is to contact law enforcement. Thereafter, you should contact an experienced San Antonio protective orders lawyer. The experienced attorneys at our firm are ready to battle to protect your interests and your health. Do not hesitate and wait too long during such a crises.

Obtaining a Protective Order in San Antonio

Are you in fear for your safety and/or the safety of your children? If so, you can file for a restraining order with the court. You only need your testimony as evidence. If the court issues the restraining order, there will be a hearing scheduled for the court to determine if the protective order should be extended. At the hearing the defendant will be entitled to present evidence and testimony in defense against the order.

Violations of a Protective Order

Authorities do not take protective order violations lightly. It becomes a very serious matter. If an abuser decides to violate any of the terms of an issued protective order, you are able to call upon authorities to enforce the order. It is possible that the abuser could be arrested. It is also possible that the abuser could be held in contempt of court. If there are multiple violations of a protective order it can lead to felony charges against the abuser.

San Antonio Protective Orders Lawyer

Fears of potential physical violence are very real, and can be overwhelming. Should you or your children become victims of physical violence or are on the receiving end of threats of physical violence, you must take swift action to protect yourselves. After calling upon authorities for assistance, you should place a call to an experienced San Antonio protective orders attorney. The seasoned protective order attorneys at our firm will take your safety very seriously, and we will help to put into place the legal protections that you require for peace of mind.