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Writing down fears may help during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Divorce |

After people in San Antonio decide to get divorced, they may experience stress and fear. They may not understand how the divorce process will impact their own lives and the lives of their children, if they are parents. It’s been suggested that those affected may benefit from writing down their fears and then coming up with plans to address them one by one.

For example, perhaps an individual is worried about having to leave the family home after having spent many years there. In this situation, he or she could discuss with an attorney what his or her options are for remaining in the house, such as buying out the other party. The individual may also come to the conclusion that selling the home and using the proceeds to purchase a more affordable one may be in his or her best interest.

In addition, another concern that an individual might have is dragging out the divorce too long. An attorney may advise the client to pursue mediation versus traditional divorce litigation. Mediation is one alternative to litigation that is often less hostile and less expensive than going to divorce court.

Of course, sometimes divorce litigation simply cannot be avoided, particularly if two spouses cannot find common ground in the areas of alimony and property division. In this case, a judge will end up having to decide these issues, and unfortunately, the judge’s decisions may not necessarily be what one or both of the parties would have wanted. However, whether a person works to resolve divorce issues outside of court or chooses to go to trial, an attorney in San Antonio can provide the guidance needed to achieve the most personally beneficial result possible.