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Certain factors contribute to higher divorce rates in some states

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Divorce |

According to researchers, the rate of marital dissolution is nearly 50% across the United States. However, certain areas appear to feature higher rates of divorce than others do. Here are a few factors that contribute to higher or lower levels of divorce in various areas, including San Antonio.

First, the more stressful that life appears to be in a state, the greater one’s chances of getting divorced there. Why? Because when people feel pressure related to their family situations, money or their jobs, this pressure can have an adverse impact on their relationships. When it comes to student loan debt in particular, states with lower levels of this type of debt have smaller divorce rates.

Researchers recently discovered that another essential factor in a couple’s decision to divorce is how safe they feel where they live. States with high amounts of crime are likely to breed more divorces. In addition, researchers learned that, in areas where people decide to get married older versus younger, divorce is less common of a problem.

Going through divorce can certainly be tough from both a financial and an emotional standpoint. However, if two people can see eye to eye on how to deal with asset distribution, child support and spousal support, for instance, they may make the divorce process easier for themselves. An attorney in San Antonio can help a divorcing spouse to seek the outcome he or she desires outside of court, which is typically less stressful, less costly and less time-consuming than going through divorce litigation.