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Getting organized early can improve your divorce outcome

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Firm News |

There are many factors that can influence the outcome of your divorce, and the divorce process can present a variety of challenges. Because some aspects of your divorce will be out of your control, it can be beneficial to make the most of the elements you can control.

Your organization is one aspect of the divorce process that you can control. Although being organized may seem trite, it can have a surprising number of benefits, especially when done early in the divorce process.

Benefits of getting organized early

Organization, in general, can help reduce the stress of finding misplaced items. However, getting your important documents organized before your divorce can have some less obvious benefits as well.

Getting your documents organized early can:

  • Let you see the full picture of your family’s financial situation
  • Help you anticipate the impact divorce could have on your financial situation
  • Encourage you to focus on what matters most during your divorce
  • Provide your divorce team all the facts early on, so the best strategy for your situation can be created and implemented right away
  • Allow your divorce team to work efficiently from the start, saving you money

How to start getting organized

Often, it is beneficial to start the organization process by making a list of all the assets and liabilities your family has. You can also make note of all the accounts and documents your family may have related to the assets and liabilities.

Then, you can use your list to help you get started collecting important documents. Collect the documents from your list, as well as tax returns, estate planning documents, bank statements, credit card statements and insurance policies.

You should make sure you have your own copy of each of your family’s important documents. You can group similar items together, and file them in a secure place. However, it is important that you use an organizational strategy that makes sense to you because you should be able to quickly find any document you may need.

Although organization is only one of many factors that can influence the outcome of your divorce, it is a factor you can control. Many people overlook the importance of organization, but you may be surprised how helpful it can be.