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Divorce has monetary repercussions

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Divorce |

The process of getting divorced is often viewed as an emotional ordeal. However, divorce also has financial repercussions in San Antonio and elsewhere. For this reason, it is critical that individuals who are going through divorce closely examine their finances right away.

For starters, it may behoove those going through divorce to create budgets, as this will help them to review their finances. In their budgets, they can list their incomes as well as their expenses. The income listed should ideally exclude the future ex-spouse’s wages. However, it may include future child support if appropriate. In addition, it is important to include in the expenses any costs that one will have to assume entirely following the divorce, such as a car loan or mortgage.

Next, it is a wise move for those who are getting a divorce to re-evaluate their monetary goals. For example, they can create a list filled with the things they would like to accomplish short-term or long-term, including saving for a new house or their golden years. Then, they can brainstorm how to fund these achievements.

Navigating the financial aspect of divorce in San Antonio is not an easy feat. However, an attorney can provide the direction needed to make expedient decisions regarding matters such as property division and alimony. The attorney can pursue a comprehensive and fair outcome on the client’s behalf. However, if no settlement can be reached outside of court, the attorney will prepare to litigate the unresolved issues, keeping the client’s best interests at the heart of the matter.