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Dealing with child custody during new coronavirus can be tricky

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Child Custody |

During the current coronavirus pandemic, many parents located in San Antonio have decided to self-isolate with their children. However, for divorced parents, this may mean that their co-parents may not be able to see their children as much as they used to. How do they resolve this issue? Here are some tips for tackling this child custody matter.

First, it would be in the best interests of the two divorced parents to recognize that their children’s health and safety come first. This may mean that one parent may spend more time with the children than the other parent does during the spread of the coronavirus. Being understanding of the situation and remaining flexible through it will help the entire family to navigate the pandemic as smoothly as possible.

However, if schedule changes are unavoidable, it is critical that the two parents communicate about these changes before moving forward with them. In the end, the two parents might not necessarily have the same views regarding the pandemic. However, they can still find common ground by focusing on what is best for their children during this season.

No aspect of divorce is easy to deal with, especially child custody. However, if two divorcing individuals are willing to work together in a collaborative manner, they may be able to avoid conflict while addressing child custody and visitation matters. An attorney in San Antonio can provide his or her client with the direction needed to make custody decisions that benefit the client and, most importantly, the children in the short and long terms.