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Petition is first step in divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Divorce |

Navigating the marital dissolution process in San Antonio can understandably be overwhelming. This is particularly the case for those who have never been through the divorce process before. However, an attorney can help with navigating this process, beginning with the divorce petition filing process.

A divorce petition is essentially a legal complaint that an individual must fill out and file if he or she would like to end his or her marriage. Specifically, the legal complaint must be submitted to the county court of the person who filled it out. This individual is formally known as the petitioner.

In one section of the legal complaint, the petitioner will need to highlight why the divorce is happening. This is necessary even if one person did not necessarily cause the divorce due to committing adultery, for instance. As an example, the petitioner may explain that the marriage broke down and is unable to be restored. In addition to explaining the reason for getting divorced, the petitioner will need to include the couple’s marital assets, which will need to be divided as part of the divorce proceeding. These assets might range from real estate to automobiles and other household valuables.

After the petitioner has filed the document, it must be presented to the other party. The future ex-spouse must then respond to it. Failure to respond on his or her part will mean that a judge will grant the petitioner all that he or she asked for in the legal complaint. While helping with the petition process, a divorce attorney will keep the rights and best interests of his or her clients at the forefront in San Antonio.