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How can you coparent civilly?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Child Custody |

While divorce is the final step in ending your marriage, it does not end your parental duties with your ex-spouse. When you have children together, you will be in each other’s lives in one way or another forever. If there is a lot of conflict between you and your ex, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of coparenting, explains the Huffington Post.

You may wonder how the two of you can co-exist as parents when you can barely agree on anything.

Pick how you argue

You and your ex will not always agree on how to raise your children. If your ex has different lifestyle choices, values or parenting practices, it does not matter that you agree with him or her. What matters is that he or she protects your children. There are some issues that you need to learn to let go of. Focus on the important things and on what you can control.

Do not fight over the little things. For instance, if you do not like how your ex lets your children style their hair or if you think that he or she has too many rules, save the battles for more important issues. The only time you should fight without hesitation is when you suspect your ex of abusing or neglecting your children.

Focus on your parenting

Pay more attention to how you parent your children. Do not worry about how your ex feels about your parenting. Give your kids the love and care that they deserve. Even married couples have differences in the way that they parent.