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Can you get compensation for a motorcycle accident that was not another driver’s fault?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Injuries |

Someone who sustains a serious injury in a motorcycle accident might think that there is no way to seek a legal remedy if another driver did not cause the accident. However, there are several other types of negligence that could cause a crash or exacerbate a person’s injuries

There is inherent risk involved with riding a motorcycle, but assuming some degree of risk in an activity does not mean that a person assumes the risk of someone else’s negligence. Here are some common causes of compensable motorcycle accidents and injuries when another driver is not at fault.

Mechanical error

When a motorcycle malfunctions due to a mechanical error, it could be the result of a manufacturer’s defect. Alternatively, improper or incomplete service by a mechanic could make operation of a motorcycle unsafe.

Equipment problems

Riders should always wear a helmet to prevent injury. However, a helmet that has a design flaw or does not stay where it should on impact could cause severe or even fatal head injury.

Poor road maintenance

Loose gravel can be extremely perilous to riders. A poorly maintained roadway needlessly puts riders in danger of serious injury.

Inadequate signage

All drivers rely on warning signs to indicate hazards ahead such as sharp turns. A lack of signage in certain areas can be especially dangerous for motorcycle riders.

Ultimately, riders should not necessarily conclude that their injuries are their own fault. Objectively reviewing the circumstances that led to an injury may reveal that it was the result of negligence and legally actionable.