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What are some signs of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Child Custody |

After your divorce, you notice your children wishing to spend less time with you.

In some cases, lies and other tactics from your ex-spouse may cause parental alienation. This situation can affect your daily life and your relationship with your children.

Repeating phrases

According to Healthline, many young children may repeat mature words or phrases your ex-spouse says about you back to you verbatim. One tactic some alienators use is to discuss private matters in front of younger children to upset and worry them.

Since they are not old enough to fully grasp what those words mean, they may not realize how rude or disrespectful these phrases are.

Avoiding you

In some cases, an ex-spouse may tell children that you do not want to see them. Children may appear to avoid a parent out of nowhere or seem apprehensive about visiting him or her.

Even if you say otherwise, the resulting alienation causes a rift between you and them. This sudden change in attitude can also cause heartbreak and confusion in the meantime.

Holding extreme generalizations

If you only hear negative criticisms about yourself from your children or notice that they do not have any reasons or evidence for their anger, this problem may stem from alienation.

Children may also not feel guilty about holding these unambivalent opinions, even going so far as to say they only support your ex-spouse. Some may even begin to dislike an entire side of his or her family just because you are part of it. Alienation can cause serious damage to families, especially ones with younger children.