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Mediation can make the divorce process easier on everyone

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Divorce |

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Many couples find that is a better option than going through a divorce in court.

This is a process that offers many benefits and is easier on everyone in the family, including children.

How it works

Mediation is a private process that takes place outside of court and no judge will be present. The divorcing couple sits down with a mediator, a neutral third party. The mediator will not take sides but will offer guidance as the parties work together to develop a divorce agreement that is satisfactory to them both.

What the benefits are

Mediation is usually a much faster and more cost-effective process than litigation. A divorce in court can be lengthy and contentious. It can often bring animosity and end with bitterness between the divorcing parties. On the other hand, mediation takes place in more relaxed surroundings. There is no room for anger and disrespect. The mediator provides access to legal information and makes sure that negotiations stay on track. Mediation is also less stressful for everyone including the children of the marriage.

Why it is a good beginning

In mediation, the focus is on open communication. The parties learn to share ideas and opinions calmly and reasonably. This is an ability they can carry into the future. They may be divorcing, but they are still parents. The ability to communicate will help them in raising their children and in building a good framework for family relationships in a post-divorce world.