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Divorce, co-parenting and the importance of communication

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce |

As you approach divorce, you probably struggle to contain your emotions, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be the last person you want to talk to.

However, if the two of you are parents, you will find that communication is essential as you continue to raise your children in a post-divorce world.

Explain what is happening

The breakup of a family unit has a devastating impact on young children. They find it difficult to understand why their parents are not going to live with them anymore. The adjustment to life in two homes will take time. Talk to your kids at their level and explain what is happening, emphasizing that they had nothing to do with the decision to end your marriage. The importance of communicating starts here and will have much to do with the relationship that develops between you and your children now that divorce is in the offing.

Maintain respect for the other parent

When in the company of your children, always speak of the other parent with respect. Remember that they love this parent as much as they love you. Do not discuss the difficulties you have with your ex-spouse and do not broadcast your anger or pain around the children. Instead, continue to help them cope with the divorce.

Analyzing their feelings

The children will view the new family structure in different ways depending on their age. Older children may express anger or even hostility while younger children may become clingy and tearful. Children of any age may feel lost. They will depend on you and the other parent to assure them of your ongoing love and support. It is all about communication. Be open to discussing family plans and issues with your ex-spouse and always be available and encouraging when your children need to talk.