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What is collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce looks different for every couple. Not only does every split itself differ from case to case, but each couple may choose different methods of handling the divorce.

For example, many people want to avoid the expense and struggles of taking a divorce case to court. In such instances, collaborative divorce may prove the best option.

The purpose of collaboration

Collaboration allows for a couple to work together and come to a mutually agreeable conclusion rather than fighting against one another in a court battle.

In collaborative divorce, each person will hire their own personal representative. All divorce meetings happen between all four individuals, who work together in order to reach a negotiation on divorce terms.

However, couples do not need to hold agreements on every aspect of the divorce to go for collaboration. After all, the intent of collaborative sessions is to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion to all outstanding and unsolved matters of the divorce. This can range from alimony or child support payments to the division of assets or debts.

Who it may not work for

Collaborative divorce does not work for every couple, either. Though some arguments will happen regardless of best intent, a couple that undergoes frequent or severe arguing may not make the best match for collaboration. This holds especially true for those who simply cannot seem to make any compromises or fair negotiations.

However, to those who can collaborate, this option allows a great way to avoid paying extra money, spending time in court, and having personal matters on display in public court records.