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Is joint custody an option you should look into?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Child Custody |

Parents want what is best for their child, even when the family is in the midst of dealing with a divorce. Of course, this extends to deciding a custody method based on what benefits their child the most.

According to numerous studies, joint custody might serve as a good starting point when looking into custody options.

Studies show children benefit

The National Library of Medicine talks about the impacts of joint custody. Studies done over many decades and across the globe point to joint custody as a great way of benefiting both parents and children in divorce situations.

For children, the benefits tend to manifest in healthy behaviors and habits of a child during habit-forming years.

For example, they seem to have stronger and healthier relationships, better skills with relationship building and management, and healthier coping mechanisms. This becomes particularly apparent when compared with children who experienced sole custody instead.

On top of that, these children seem to have fewer instances of depression, anxiety and stress or trauma disorders as directly related to their parent’s divorce.

The benefits parents may discover

As for parents, they have more support when raising their child. Though parenting is full of joys, it is also a difficult task that many single parents struggle greatly with. Joint custody allows for both parents to share the burdens right alongside the joys.

It also lets both parents continue to foster and grow their healthy parent-child relationships. They do not have to worry about losing connection with their child due to a lack of involvement or distance, which many parents fear.