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What is the difference between divorce and separation?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Divorce |

Marrying someone requires serious forethought. Tons of considerations must occur for the big day to happen. Little compares with the stress of selecting a venue, sending invitations and picking a bridal dress.

The same is true when dissolving a marriage. It mandates choosing whether to divorce or legally separate. Understanding what distinguishes one from the other helps identify which is most appropriate.

Ability to remarry

Couples that separate remain spouses. This means that neither individual may marry someone else. Thus, divorce is usually best for relationships torn apart by one partner straying. Getting hitched to someone new is a typical desire under this circumstance. Plus, when children are in the mix, making the split official may help little ones accept the change.

Power to direct life decisions

Married people have a legal right to make fiscal and medical decisions on behalf of each other. As long as there is no divorce, this ability remains in effect. Postponing a full-on divorce might be wise if one party is facing the threat of a terminal illness. The soon-to-be-ex may still be the most appropriate individual to translate end-of-life wishes.

Access to benefits

Divorce can have a negative financial impact. Revenue streams often end or alter when couples call it quits. Social security, unemployment insurance and health insurance are all at risk. Performing a legal separation keeps these monetary arrangements the same.

Both decisions carry eventful consequences. One must be aware of how each affects far-reaching matters. Commonsense demands careful consideration of these variables before moving forward.