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How does birdnesting affect children?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Child Custody |

One of the most complex issues to solve during a divorce is the issue of child custody. How can you lessen divorce’s psychological impact on your child while maintaining separation from your former spouse? One way that parents are choosing to share custody is through birdnesting. Birdnesting is an arrangement where children can remain in the family home and parents rotate in and out per their parenting arrangement.

The birdnesting routine

In a birdnesting routine, each parent has an on and off-duty schedule. When you are on duty, you live in the family home with your children. Some parents choose to share an apartment, where they rotate in and out, whereas others may have separate homes besides the family home.

When you choose to nest, your children’s routine does not change. You abide by their typical schedules regarding school, recreation, meals and bedtimes. The difference is that both parents are not present at the same time.

The benefits of birdnesting

Birdnesting is an adjustment period. It allows children to maintain their routine and to continue living in a safe space while they acclimate to life with divorced parents. Divorce is a major change and going to a new house, with a new routine, can be overwhelming. Birdnesting offers safety, stability and consistency.

Likewise, birdnesting gives you and your spouse a chance to acclimate to life as single parents. You have an opportunity to solo parent without changing your routine with your children.

When it comes to birdnesting, remember that it should be short-lived. Nesting lasting more than six months may give children false hope of their parents reuniting.