Forgery Charges Defense in San Antonio

If you have been charged with forgery, you could be facing charges that could carry life-long negative consequences.  Forgery can take on many forms and involves complicated legal issues.  This may include signing or altering any written document by signing another person’s name, making false entries into records or books, creating a fake deed or real estate document, or any other action that is intended to defraud or detriment another person by receiving money that was not intended for the offender.

Mounting a strong defense against these types of charges requires the skill and expertise of a seasoned forgery attorney such as George C. Ruiz.

Forgery Can Be Charged As a State Level or Federal Level Crime

Depending on the circumstances of your case, forgery can be charged as either a state level or a federal level crime.  Federal level criminal charges are much more serious in nature and can carry much more harsh penalties upon conviction. 

Forgery is just one of many types of bank fraud which can also include other white collar crimes such as credit card fraud, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, accounting irregularities, and counterfeiting.  In many instances, forgery is charged in connection with these other types of crimes, raising the stakes for a defendant.  

Because banks are protected by federal laws, most of the time, a person will be charged with forgery at the federal level.  Procedures are different and federal authorities have more resources to devote to prosecuting a possible forgery crime.  It also means trying to strike a plea bargain may be much more difficult to do as well. 

Possible Forgery Defenses

Penalties for forgery can be severe, resulting in several years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.  Retaining a forgery defense attorney is critical to limiting any possible downsides and preserving your freedom.

There are some common defenses against a forgery charge.  Most often, a person charged with forgery can raise the case of mistaken identity or argue that no crime was committed at all by claiming that they were authorized to enact the transaction(s) in question.  Another possible defense is that the defendant believed they were acting in good faith and that they were authorized to sign a document. 

George C. Ruiz can determine all of your options, from seeking a dismissal of the charges to try to strike a plea bargain, or when a situation warrants, going to trial.

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