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Why would a parent receive sole custody of a child?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Child Custody |

How parents in Texas raise their children varies and there is not only one right way to do it. Parents also may assume different responsibilities while they raise their children. Parents also do not always see eye to eye on every issue and may take different approaches to parenting. While there is not necessarily only one way to properly raise a child, there are certainly ways that are generally seen as incorrect and in those situations that parent may not end up with child custody in a divorce.

There are two different types custody or conservatorship as it is called in Texas. Parents will either have joint custody or sole custody. Joint custody means that both parents will have access to all records and information regarding the child and will share in the decision making responsibilities for the child. If sole custody is awarded to one parent that parent will make all the decisions for the child regarding their upbringing.

There needs to be reasons why this is in the best interests of the child though. Sole custody is not awarded simply because a judge likes one parent’s parenting style better than the other. Reasons why a parent may be given sole custody include, but are not limited to, the other parent has abused the child, has drug or alcohol issues, a criminal history which would be detrimental to the child, the other parent has abandoned the child or it could be because the parents’ views on what is best for the child is so opposite that they will never agree.

Many parents in Texas go through divorces each year. One of the issues that the parents will need to resolve is child custody. This can be a difficult process especially in situations where one parent may receive sole custody given the reasons that would lead to that determination. They are also very fact-specific determinations and really depend on the circumstances of each family. Consulting with an experienced attorney could be beneficial.