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How can you coparent civilly?

While divorce is the final step in ending your marriage, it does not end your parental duties with your ex-spouse. When you have children together, you will be in each other’s lives in one way or another forever. If there is a lot of conflict between you and your ex,...

Will I get stuck with my ex’s debt?

If you are like most married people, you and your spouse have some amount of joint debt. This might be in the form of a mortgage, a vehicle loan, a credit card or something else. When you plan to get divorced, you'll need to figure out what to do with this joint debt....

Dealing with a 401(k) in a divorce

People in Texas spend years planning for their retirement, all the time assuming that their spouses will spend those years with them. It goes without saying that divorce impacts those plans significantly. Yet that impact may go beyond one's companionship during their...

What are the wrongful death laws in Texas?

When a loved one dies in a motor vehicle accident, the family must adjust to life without that person. When the initial stages of shock and grief subside, they may find they struggle to survive financially, especially when the deceased individual supported children...

Job dissatisfaction and divorce issues

There are many different ways in which your job can impact your divorce. Sometimes, job dissatisfaction leads to the breakdown of a marriage and is a primary reason behind a couple's decision to split up. On the other hand, some people have difficulty in the workplace...