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When parents separate or get a divorce, they still have a legal obligation to provide for any children that were produced while they were married.  Aside from custody issues, one of the biggest and most emotionally charged aspect involving children is how to determine the amount of child support that one parent may be required to pay. 

Determining Child Support in Texas

Texas has a child support formula to determine an amount that the state presumes is in the best interests of a child.  While this formula provides a definitive framework, an attorney such as George C. Ruiz can help mediate a final amount based on several factors.  Without mediation, child support is determined by calculating the net monthly resources of the parent who will be paying support.  Once this figure is established, Texas law requires that the parent pay a percentage of those resources in child support.  This amount can vary depending on how many children are involved and also if the paying parent has other children that they are also responsible for as well. 

Before any mediation takes place, you can get a fairly accurate estimation of how much child support you may be required to pay by using the Texas Attorney General’s Monthly Child Support Calculator.

With the help of an attorney, the paying parent can make their case in front of a judge to either have the child support amount set above or below the guideline amount.  There are several factors that can be taken into consideration, including a child’s age, educational expenses beyond secondary school, health insurance costs, benefits that are paid by an employer, child care expenses, additional debts assumed by either side, or any other issue that could have a material impact on providing child support payments.

Seeking Child Support Modifications

Many times after a divorce, one parent or the other’s situation will change, either for the better or sometimes, for the worse.  When this happens, you have the right to ask the court to modify your child support amount or go through the Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Review Process to see if a child support modification is possible.

Modifications can only take place if it has been at least three years since your last order was put in place.  The modification must represent at least a 20% or $100 monthly difference from what is currently in place.  An exception to this is when one or the other ex-spouse’s circumstances have changed significantly.  This might mean they have received a large inheritance or gotten a major promotion and pay raise on the job.

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